Hudson River Rafting


A magnificent wilderness experience in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, the Hudson River is Class III-IV+, adrenaline pumping excitement.  The Hudson River Gorge is 15 miles of heart-racing rapids, ledge drops, chutes, waves and crystal clear water spraying overhead all while cutting through 500' rock wells.  For a wild ride the Spring is your time to go.  For a more relaxed trip the Summer and Fall is ideal.  With Lake Abanakee providing the Hudson with water all season and the Adirondaks providing magnificant views, there's no doubt the Hudson is a great adventure anytime.  Your trip includes a River Snack and an apres rafting dinner.  Add camping, ziplining and paintball for outdoor fun!     


April - October, 2019
$74 Per Person



April to October 2018
From $179 Per Person



June to October, 2019


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River Classifications:

Class 1: Easy-Moving water with small riffles and waves. Course Easy to find.

Class 2: Medium-Generally unobstructed rapids and waves up to 2 feet and wide channels. Some Maneuvering may be necessary.

Class 3: Difficult-Rapids with high irregular waves. The course is not easy to recognize. May require complex maneuvering.

Class 4: Very Difficult- Long extended rapids through very turbulent water. The course requires precise maneuvering through constricted passages. Scouting from shore is frequently necessary.

Class 5: Exceedingly Difficult-Long rocky rapids through very violent water. Routes are highly congested and must be scouted from the shore.

Class 6: Limit of Navigability-Nearly impossible and cannot be attempted without risk. For teams of experts only.


Banchi Outdoor Adventures reserves the right to remove any individual(s) from a motor coach transportation program/package, for threatening, offensive, obscene or any other behavior we deem to be inappropriate for any other reason. Complaints from the driver or other passengers are taken very seriously; violations may cause us to revoke your travel privileges, without refund.

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